Various Videos of Ali Serenade LM

More/updated videos will be added as they are available. For specific footage, feel free to contact us.


Ali Serenade under saddle

under saddle video

Ali Serenade LM work in snaffle under saddle

loosely bitted up on the lunge line

Ali Serenade LM on the lunge line. Lots of trot/canter/trot transitions.

Loosely bitted up with lots of trot/canter/trot transitions.

11 year old leading her to tie and groom

11 year old grooms

11 year old ties and grooms
Walking on the lunge line
11 year old bathing
11 year old grooms

At the walk tracking left

junior handler/rider

Various clips of a novice 11 year old leading, grooming, bathing and riding on a lunge line at the walk.